Rhetoric of Science

The Rhetoric of Science is grounded in the assumption that rhetoric mediates the shape and influence of science. The rhetorical analysis of scientific texts brings attention to the persuasive dimensions of scientific and technologically mediated cultural artifacts. Critical study of science policy controversies looks to those public places where scientists, journalists, politicians, and others debate scientific issues.

Resources include the Department of Communication, the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, and the Center for Bioethics and Health Law. Concurrent MAs may be sought in cognate departments, like the History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy, or Bioethics.

Rhetoric of Science [PDF]

Ellen Defossez, Doctoral Candidate - discusses Rhetoric of Science

Dr. John Lyne, Professor - discusses Rhetoric of Science


Georgia Bedford, PhD
Olga Kuchinskaya, PhD
Brenton J. Malin, PhD
David L. Marshall, PhD
Gordon R. Mitchell, PhD
Lester C. Olson, PhD
Ronald J. Zboray, PhD