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The Department of Communication at the University of Pittsburgh is driven by a shared commitment to education that inspires students to create positive change in the world. We are deeply engaged in the exploration and analysis of cultural, political, and material practices that give rise to meaning. In pursuit of our objectives, we scrutinize the contexts of power, knowledge, and desire, understanding their impact on diverse groups. Through close collaboration with our students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, we aim to enrich their lives with a blend of practical knowledge and scholarly critique. 

In essence, we focus on the dynamic intersection of continuity and change. Our research, teaching, and community outreach efforts are dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of power structures. These structures manifest in various forms, including capital, race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, ability, and beyond, and we actively seek opportunities to promote social justice. Additionally, we delve into the various means of persuasion, protest, silence, voice, testimony, noise, and imagination essential to transform these power dynamics. 

Our vision for the Department of Communication is rooted in the creation of a profoundly diverse, inclusive, supportive, and self-reflective environment for all members—undergraduates, graduates, staff, and faculty. Nurturing such an environment is pivotal in enabling the Department to make the most significant positive impact on the field of communication. We commit ourselves to evolving into a creative community of inquiry, where all individuals can thrive and contribute to disciplinary innovation in research and teaching. Furthermore, we dedicate our intellectual curiosity and expertise to the pursuit of a just and equitable scholarly community.