Seminar Courses

All courses are three credits unless otherwise indicated.

History, Theory, and Criticism of Rhetoric

COMMRC 2201 Rhetorical Criticism
COMMRC 2203 Philosophy and Rhetoric
COMMRC 2212 Visual Rhetoric
COMMRC 2216 American Rhetorical Idioms
COMMRC 2217 Modern Theories of Rhetoric
COMMRC 2218 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: Kenneth Burke
COMMRC 2245 Classical Rhetoric
COMMRC 3302 Rhetorical Criticism
COMMRC 3306 Rhetoric and Culture
COMMRC 3317 Rhetorical Theory

Media and Culture

COMMRC 2035 Audience and Reception History
COMMRC 2040 Voices of Remembrance: Oral History
COMMRC 2226 Media and Cultural Studies
COMMRC 2227 Media Theory
COMMRC 3325 Mass Communication
COMMRC 3326 Media Studies

Public Address and Argument

COMMRC 2014 Argumentation
COMMRC 2212 Visual Rhetoric
COMMRC 2213 American Public Address
COMMRC 2214 Contemporary Public Argument
COMMRC 2215 Rhetoric and Human Rights
COMMRC 3314 Public Argument
COMMRC 3316 Rhetoric of Social Movements
COMMRC 3319 Presidential Rhetoric

Rhetoric of Science

COMMRC 2285 Science and Its Rhetoric
COMMRC 3340 Rhetoric of Science Policy

Core Introductions

COMMRC 2296 Proseminar
COMMRC 2298 Research Colloquium
COMMRC 3384 Teaching Practicum

Individual Study Opportunities

COMMRC 3001 Prospectus Research
COMMRC 3002 Professional Development
COMMRC 3902 Directed Study (one to nine credits)


COMMRC 2000 Research and Thesis for the Master's Degree (one to six credits)
COMMRC 2230 Communication Research
COMMRC 2990 Independent Study (one to nine credits)