The graduate program in Communication at the University of Pittsburgh is consistently identified as one of the top ten programs in the country. Its faculty and graduates have provided leadership to the field and have shaped the study of communication in significant ways.

The program aims to train rigorous researchers, insightful theorists, and excellent teachers for placement in tenure-stream positions at either major research universities or quality four-year colleges. To this end, the program offers philosophical, theoretical, critical, historical, and cultural approaches to the study of communication. The curriculum includes traditional and innovative course work from four areas of research and teaching.

The Department sponsors the Agora Speaker Series during the Fall and Spring terms as well as other academic colloquia.

2021 Graduate and Debate recognition

Degree Requirements

Discover the milestones and degree requirements our students must achieve to earn a graduate or doctoral degree in Communication.

Financial Assistance

Teaching assistantships, fellowships and scholarships are financial assistance options available to Pitt students.

Seminar Courses

A wide variety of seminar courses are available to graduate students. Learn More.