In our three main areas of communication studies, media studies, and rhetorical studies, our students learn to examine the world around them, communicate what they know, and persuade others to their point of view. Classes such as public speaking, persuasion, nonverbal communication, political rhetoric, media criticism, and television and society (to name just a few) prepare our majors for success in the professional and political arenas.

We prepare our majors to think critically, speak confidently and persuasively, and solve problems; skills which make our alumni highly competitive in today’s uncertain job market. Our undergraduate major prepares students for a wide variety of potential careers – and the ability to shift between career paths should the need arise. Our alumni work in diverse fields such as (but not limited to) sales, marketing, public relations, social media, broadcast media, the government, law, health, and academia.

Major Requirements

Communication majors must complete 33 credits with a grade of C or better in each course.  Included in the major requirements are three core courses and two skills courses.


Communication does not assign students to a specific advisor, so our majors can come in when it’s convenient for them! Please feel free to visit Dr. Gareis or Dr. Guthrie during any of our walk-in hours throughout the week.


Read about the advantages, requirements and opportunities for internships, an invaluable way to gain real-world experience.  

Undergraduate Teaching Experience (COMMRC 1904)

COMMRC 1904 provides an opportunity for qualified undergraduate students, under the guidance of a classroom teacher, to have a first-hand experience with peer mentoring and classroom instruction as a UTA.


Have questions about the communication major?  Consult the FAQs for the answers you seek.  


The Communication Department is proud to sponsor student clubs open to any Pitt student! These clubs offer the opportunity for professional development, networking, and fun.

Scholarships & Awards

The Communication department and the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences offers many scholarships and awards for our majors.