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Speaking in the Disciplines Faculty Seminar

Speaking (and listening) to learn and learning to speak (and listen) can be among the course goals in classes of any size in any discipline. The Speaking in the Disciplines Seminar helps Dietrich School faculty integrate these learning objectives in their undergraduate courses. Since its inception in 2008, faculty from over thirty of the School’s departments and programs have participated in the Seminar.

Seminar Description

In an interdisciplinary and collaborative setting, participants (fellows) construct or develop courses to incorporate significant, discipline-specific oral communication experiences for undergraduates. Participants also receive hands-on assistance from Instructional Designers in the University Center for Teaching and Learning to help them tailor activities, assignments, and feedback mechanisms to suit their course content and oral/aural skills goals.

Participants leave the Seminar with:

  • a clearer understanding of oral communication and its learning potentials;
  • a heightened perception of their discipline’s oral communication norms and their relevance to undergraduates;
  • the tangible results of their work incorporating oral communication in their courses.

The Seminar is held every Fall and Spring and is open to all Dietrich School faculty. Space is limited to 9 participant-fellows each term. Faculty who complete the Seminar are awarded a fellowship stipend of $1,200.

For more information, email Dr. Lynn Clarke, who directs Speaking in the Disciplines and facilitates the Seminar.

How to Apply for SID Fellowship

Expect email from “AS - Undergraduate Studies Associate Dean” inviting applications for “Speaking in the Disciplines Seminar Fellowships” for the upcoming term. For information on the application, email LaShawn Youngblood, Administrative Coordinator in the Dietrich School's Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.


“The seminar…inspired me to redesign…my whole syllabus!”

“My students today continue to reap the benefits.”

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