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Agora Speaker Series

Ekaterina Haskins, Professor, Department of Communication Arts and Science, Penn State University

Remembering the War, Forgetting the Terror: Appeals to Family Memory in Putin's Russia

  •  4/12/24, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 1414


Co-sponsored by

the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

And the Film and Media Studies Program

Jennifer Keohane, Associate Professor & Program Director, Digital Communication, Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences, University of Baltimore and Billie Murray, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, and Assistant Director for Academics, Center for Peace and Justice Education, Villanova University

Today’s Democratic Peril: A Dialogue About Free Expression

(Supported by Year of Discourse and Dialog)

  •  3/20/24, 3-5 PM (Note this event is on a Wednesday)
  •  Cathedral of Learning, TBA

Caitlin Bruce, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Pittsburgh

Voices in Aerosol: Youth Culture, Institutional Attunement, and Graffiti in Urban Mexico

  •  3/01/24, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 1414

Todd Lawrence and Heather Shirey

Co-creators of the George Floyd and Anti-Racist Street Art Database and

Co-directors Urban Art Mapping, University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN


“Don’t Let Them Change the Narrative”: Documenting, Archiving, and Reactivating Street Art After the 2020 Uprising

Urban Art Mapping, an interdisciplinary research team, has been documenting, mapping, and archiving street art in the Twin Cities since 2018. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, urban space in the Twin Cities was transformed by graffiti and street art, including words and images expressing a wide range of emotions, demands, and visions for the future. In the years since, we have focused our work on street art that was a part of, was inspired by, or that deals with the lingering issues and emotions expressed during that uprising in our city as well as other places around the world. Our recent focus on Black Lives Matter street murals have helped us see the way murals, stickers, graffiti, and other street art form an interconnecting web of vernacular expression that serves as a monument to the uprising. In addition to documenting and archiving, our work now is to work to understand the complex social and cultural contexts that allow art in the streets to more fully reveal the voices of communities that often go unheard.

(Funded by Year of Discourse and Dialog)

  •  2/23/24, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 1414

Elena Bruni, Fulbright Fellow, Assistant Professor, LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome Italy

The Multimodal Rhetoric of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

(Co-sponsored by European Studies Center)

  •  1/26/24, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 1414

Paul Elliot Johnson, University of Pittsburgh

The Painter of Right: Jon McNaughton and the Conservative Fear of Democracy

  •  9/29/23, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 208A

Zach Stiegler, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Todd Campbell, Frederick Community College

Musical Intimacy: Construction, Connection, and Engagement

  •  10/20/23, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 208A

Seth Davis, Sascha Nemseff Villagran, Molly Martin, and Reed Van Schenck, University of Pittsburgh

Graduate Research Showcase

  •  11/10/23, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 208A

Johanna Hartelius, University of Texas, Austin

Apocalypsis, Truth, and ost-2020 Cultural Anxiety

  •  12/01/23, 3-5 PM
  •  Cathedral of Learning, 208A