Info for Prospective Students

The ways we consume, share, and process information are constantly evolving. Department of Communication faculty members realize that the academic and professional landscape in our discipline is highly dynamic, and we keep that in mind when advising our students on their options within and beyond the classroom. 

Because our students are active on social media, and because we want to model good professional use of social media in their own careers and lives, we have active pages on Facebook ( and Instagram ( On these accounts, we apprise our majors and prospective majors about relevant events on and near campus (such as interesting speakers, job fairs, professional development events, etc.), scholarships and grants, and scholastic competitions. Of course, we also bring up our departmental events such as our Spiegel Paper Award and our Oral Communication Competition! We also make sure our students are aware of important dates (such as when Fall and Spring registration begins, the deadline to apply for graduation, etc.). 

In class, our instructors have brought in a wide variety of vibrant public speakers to talk to our students about potential career paths (such as Tom Merritt, a nationally syndicated tech journalist and podcaster who helped establish the Patreon funding platform), we have visited local attractions such as Randyland to discuss public art and regionalism, and we have had international debate teams visit classes to debate pressing issues of the day. We do everything we can to connect class work with the world around us. 

"One of the things that impressed me the most about Professor Meredith Guthrie was her ability to create a team-driven environment in the classroom. She gave us ample time to collaborate as students, and inspired creativity that led not just to outstanding projects, but an amazing connection between students. Her guidance expanded far beyond the classroom though: She was the one who recommended that I apply for the Anthony and Concetta Ambrosio Internship Award, through which I interned at the CBS Evening News in New York City."

-Joelle Smith (A&S '16)

For more information about our department, or to schedule a visit or tour, please contact the Dietrich School's recruitment coordinator, Madeleine Fahlbusch at