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Meredith Guthrie

  • Director of Undergraduate Advising
  • Lecturer II


  • PhD, Bowling Green State University


Meredith Guthrie is interested in western contemporary mass media, particularly in the intersections of youth and girl culture, marketing, and celebrity culture. She has examined the creation of the tween (8- to 14-year-old girl) demographic and how the rise of cable television has contributed to the recent explosion of media aimed at children. Dr. Guthrie has also examined depictions of disability in children’s literature and the concept of the homosexual gaze in contemporary film.


  • “The Process of Becoming a Woman’s Body: Menstruation and the Containment of Femininity.” MP: An International Online Feminist Journal, 1(5), January 2007.
  • “Boys on Film: The Homosexual Male Gaze and the Erasure of the Female Gaze in David DeCoteau’s The Brotherhood Series” Trash Cinema, to be published summer 2007.
  • “Diversity-Focused Service Learning in General Studies and Cultural Studies Classes.” Diversity Across the Curriculum, edited by Jerome Branche, Ellen R. Cohn, and John Mullennix, to be published by Anker Publishing Company, 2007.
  • ”I Don’t Want to be Different: Diabetes in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction.” Title of collection to be announced, to be published by Bettany Press, July 2007.

Courses Taught

  • Mass Communication Process (COMMRC 0320)
  • History of Mass Media (COMMRC 1121)
  • Media and Consumer Culture (COMMRC 1126)
  • Media and Youth Culture (spring 2007)
  • Special Topics in Mass Communication: Disney (COMMRC 1732)