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Lynn Clarke

  • Director of Public Speaking
  • Director of Speaking in the Disciplines
  • Lecturer II


  • PhD, Northwestern University


Lynn Clarke studies rhetorical theory and its relationships to philosophy. Her interests include the appearances of speech, writing, and communication at the nexus of rhetoric, psychoanalysis, and deliberative politics; the question of publicity as it pertains to judicial rhetoric in controversial cases on policy affairs; and definitional controversy.


  • “Internal Discord and ‘the Signifying Process’ in Ethico-Political Rhetoric.”  In Rhetoric:  Concord and Controversy eds. Antonio de Velasco and Melody Lehn (Waveland Press, forthcoming) .
  • “Contesting Definitional Authority in the Collective,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 91.1 (2005):  1-36.
  • “Talk About Talk:  Promises, Risks, and a Proposition Out of Nommo,” The Journal of Speculative Philosophy 18.4 (2004):  317-325.


  • December 10, 2015 - 5:00pm: Human Rights as Political Tools: An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Courses Taught


  • Public Speaking (COMMRC 0520)
  • Freedom of Speech and Press (COMMRC 1114)
  • Rhetorical Criticism (COMMRC 1123)
  • Special Topics in Rhetoric (COMMRC 1731)
    • Social Movements
    • Rhetoric and Civic Life


  • Philosophy & Rhetoric (COMMRC 2203)
    • Frankfurt School
    • Graduate Seminar in Studies of the Public Sphere
    • Psychoanalytic Provocations
  • Rhetoric of Social Movements (COMMRC 3316)