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Brooke Holmes

  • Graduate Student


  • BA, Sociology, Florida State University
  • MA, Sociology, University of Florida


Brooke is a Ph.D. student whose research centers the interaction between new media and contemporary cultural logics, especially in relation to issues of epistemology, ontology, agency, attention, and connection. She is likewise passionate about addressing ethics of new and emerging technologies, especially those related to digital capitalism and the attention economy.

Areas of Interest

[New] Media Studies

Science & Technology Studies (STS)

Critical Theory

Feminist Epistemology

Cultural Studies

Social Theory

Ethical Philosophy



Social Movements

Political Sociology



  • Yao, Li, Marion Cassard, and Brooke Holmes. 2023. “Does Violent Protest Receive Negative Coverage? Media Framing of Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Bill Movement and French Yellow Vest Movement.” International Journal of Sociology 53(3): 205-227.