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Argument & Deliberation


Argument & Deliberation: An Introduction

  • Explains the requirements for argument and what can be argued about.

Argument: The Basics

  • Presents ways to think about argumentation and components of an argument.

Basic Definitions for Debate

  • Defines key terms of art for debate.

Tips for Success

Guidelines for Students for Successful Deliberation

  • Outlines general principles applicable to deliberative exercises from discussion to debate.

Tips for Advancing Arguments

  • Proposes tips to clearly articulate arguments.

Guidelines for the Listener in Understanding & Evaluating Reasoning

  • Examines strategies for critically listening to oral argumentation.

Skill Building

Four Step Refutation

  • Breaks down the primary method for directly clashing with an argument.

Cross Examination

  • Provides tips for asking and answering questions during the designated period in a debate.

Evidence Format

  • Shows how evidence in a debate is presented to ensure that all necessary source information is available.