Argument & Deliberation


Argument & Deliberation: An Introduction

Explains the requirements for argument and what can be argued about.

Argument: The Basics
Presents ways to think about argumentation and components of an argument.

Basic Definitions for Debate
Defines key terms of art for debate.

Tips for Success

Guidelines for Students for Successful Deliberation
Outlines general principles applicable to deliberative exercises from discussion to debate.

Tips for Advancing Arguments
Proposes tips to clearly articulate arguments.

Guidelines for the Listener in Understanding & Evaluating Reasoning
Examines strategies for critically listening to oral argumentation.

Skill Building

Four Step Refutation
Breaks down the primary method for directly clashing with an argument.

Cross Examination
Provides tips for asking and answering questions during the designated period in a debate.

Evidence Format
Shows how evidence in a debate is presented to ensure that all necessary source information is available.