Mickey Bannon, PhD

1416 Cathedral of Learning
Office Hours: Online via Zoom


PhD, University of Pittsburgh


Lecturer, Director of Oral Communication Lab

Mickey Bannon’s interests include public speaking, rhetorical criticism, the American counterculture (Beats and Hippies), public argument, organizational communication, environmental rhetoric, and public argument case studies. He is interested in the practical application of rhetorical and communication concepts, especially how these ideas manifest in and influence real world contexts such as business and professional organizations and public controversies.  He directs the Oral Communication Lab, which provides public speaking and various communication training to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Pittsburgh.

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Public Speaking: (COMMRC 1520)
  • Rhetorical Criticism (COMMRC 1123)
  • Rhetoric of the American Counterculture (COMMRC 1116)
  • 21st Century Public Argument (COMMRC 1117)
  • Rhetorical Process (COMMRC 0310)
  • Organizational Communication (COMMRC 1102)
  • Small Group Communication (COMMRC 1106)
  • Discussion (COMMRC 0540)
  • Public Speaking (COMMRC 0520)