E. Johanna Hartelius, PhD

1428 Cathedral of Learning
Office hours: TBA


PhD, University of Texas


Assistant Professor

Johanna Hartelius’s research is in the areas rhetorical theory and criticism with an emphasis on expertise, public memory, and digital rhetoric. She studies the cultural and political implications of experts’ and laypersons’ rhetorical constructions of knowledge and experience, particularly as these constitute points of entry into public discourse, traditional and virtual. She is currently developing a book on experts and the digital commons.


  • Author: E. Johanna Hartelius, PhD
  • Author: E. Johanna Hartelius, PhD

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Courses Taught


  • Rhetorical Process (COMMRC 0310)
  • Rhetoric & Culture (COMMRC 1103)
  • Political Communication (COMMRC 1104)
  • Freedom of Speech (COMMRC 1114)
  • Communication Ethics (COMMRC 1161)


  • Argumentation and Debate (COMMRC 2014)
  • Rhetorical Criticism (COMMRC 2201)
  • Classical Rhetorical Theory (COMMRC 3317)


  • Speechmaking and Society
  • Interviewing Principles and Practices