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Headline: Corinne Mitsuye Sugino was recently published in the Southern Communication Journal

Description:  In this article, Sugino argues that Trump's racial rhetoric is not a fringe anomaly but rather endemic to an era of multicultural racial violence. As a result, "multiculturalism thrives on incorporating oppressed people on the surface without radically altering society. This combination is precisely what enables a society to emerge that can celebrate the first Black president, produce movies like Crazy Rich Asians and Black Panther with "diverse" casts, and name a street in every major city after Martin Luther King Jr., while at the same time remaining steadfast in its commitment to a burgeoning prison industrial complex, anti-Black policing practices, and imperial military conquest abroad. Multiculturalism, then, is not overt racism’s opposite. Instead, the two are intimately entangled as the foundation for how age-old forces of racial violence persist into the future under the auspices of progress." You can find the article at this permanent DOI:

Headline: Read Corinne Mitsuye Sugino's newest book review in Argumentation and Advocacy Journal.

Description: Read Sugino's review of Shui-yin Sharon Yam's "Inconvenient Strangers: Transnational Subjects and the Politics of Citizenship," which engages the overlapping politics of citizenship, belonging, and family in Hong Kong. You can find the book review here: