Corinne Mitsuye Sugino

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Wake Forest University, BA

University of Pittsburgh Department of Communcation, MA


Corinne earned her bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University in 2017, where she double majored in Religious Studies and Politics and International Affairs. Corinne joined our department in 2018 as part of our 5-year MA/PhD program. Corinne earned her master’s degree in the Spring of 2019 and is currently working on a dissertation project that explores the paradoxes of Asian American racialization in an era of multiculturalism.  

Areas of Interest

Asian American studies, rhetorical studies, media studies, cultural studies, American studies, and critical ethnic studies

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (2019). “Multicultural Redemption: Crazy Rich Asians and the Politics of Representation.” Lateral 8(2).


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (2020). “Multicultural Incorporation in Donald Trump’s Political Rhetoric.” Southern Communication Journal 85(3), 191-202.


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (2020). “Palliative Buddhism: Corporate Exoticization and Appropriation of Mindfulness under Neoliberal Crisis.” Aigne 8(1), 27-46.


Athanasopoulos, Charles and Corinne Mitsuye Sugino. (Forthcoming). “Clash of the Uncivilized: An Alternative Approach to Policy Debate.” Contemporary Argumentation and Debate.


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (Forthcoming) “Multicultural Anti-Racism: Anti-Blackness and Asian Victimhood in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard.” Western Journal of Communication.


Competitively Vetted Book Chapter & Book Reviews


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (Forthcoming) “Transhistorical Resistance and Containment: Space, Place, and Historical Memory at Fort Sill.” In: Migrants: Rhetoric, Resistance, Representation, edited by Arthur Soto-Vásquez, Michael Lechuga, Sergio Juárez, and Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager.


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (2019). “Review of Postcolonial Grief: The Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas by Jinah Kim (Duke University Press).” Lateral 8(2).


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (2020). “Inconvenient Strangers: Transnational Subjects and Politics of Citizenship by Shui-Yin Sharon Yam.” Argumentation and Advocacy.


Featured Short Essays


Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye. (2020). “Familiar Foreigners.” Lacan Salon.

Courses Taught

Public Speaking, Argument


Dietrich School of the Arts & Sciences Summer Research Fellowship ($3000 for stipendiary support to conduct a summer research project), University of Pittsburgh, Summer 2020.


Japanese Room Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Takeo Kanade ($4000 for a research project conducted abroad), University of Pittsburgh Study Abroad Office, Summer 2020.


Cultural Studies Association Student Travel Grant Recipient ($300 for conference attendance), Cultural Studies Association, Summer 2019.


Dietrich School of the Arts & Sciences Graduate Fellowship Recipient (tuition waiver, monthly stipend, and alleviation of teaching duties for the academic school year), University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2017-Spring 2018.