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Originally from Queens, New York, Charles earned his bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University in 2018 with a degree in religious studies and minors in writing studies and women, gender, and sexuality studies. After completing his studies at Wake Forest, Charles joined our department as part of our 5-year MA/PhD program. Having earned his master’s degree in the Spring of 2020, Charles is now focused on completing his remaining seminar credits and developing his dissertation. His research interests include Black rhetorical studies, Fanonian thought, racial iconography, and media studies.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Athanasopoulos-Sugino, Charles. “Smashing the Icon of Black Lives Matter: Afropessimism & Religious Iconolatry,” Prose Studies, Vol. 40, Issue 1-2: #BlackLivesMatter: Pasts, Presents, Futures, 2019.

Sugino, Corinne Mitsuye & Athanasopoulos, Charles. “Clash of the Uncivilized: Alternative Approaches to Policy Debate”. Contemporary Argumentation & Debate Journal (Forthcoming, Spring 2021).

Competitively Vetted Book Chapter & Book Reviews

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “Black Radical Thought as Pathology” in The Why Wakanda Matters: What Black Panther Reveals About Psychology, Identity, and Communication edited by Dr. Sheena Howard. BenBella Books (Forthcoming February 2021).

Athanasopoulos-Sugino, Charles. “Critique of Black Reason by Achille Mbembe (Book Review),” Prose Studies, Vol. 40, Issue 1-2: #BlackLivesMatter: Pasts, Presents, Futures, 2019.

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “Narration as Argument edited by Paula Olmos (Book Review),” Argumentation and Advocacy, Vol. 56, No, 3,

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “Review of Iconoclasm: The Breaking and Making of Images edited by Rachel F. Stapleton and Antonio Viselli”. Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association, Issue 9.2, Fall 2020.

Featured Short Essays

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “On White Rioters & Black Liberals”. The Lacan Salon “Listening with Black Lives Matter series,” 2020.

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “Iconography in the Age of Black Lives Matter”. Monument Lab, 2020.

Manuscripts in Progress

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “Fanonian Slips: The Rhetorical Function & Field of the White Mask”. Western Journal of Communication (Received a Revise & Resubmit on November 13th, 2020.)

Athanasopoulos, Charles. “A Complete Program of Disorder: The Black Iconoclasm within Fanonian Thought”. Lateral Journal (Received a Revise & Resubmit on September 23rd, 2020)

Courses Taught

Argument – “Argument & The 2020 Election”

Argument – “Argumentation & The Rhetoric of Social Movements”


A.W. Mellon Foundation-funded Humanities Engage grant Recipient ($3,000/200 hrs). Grant awarded for Summer Immersive Fellowship at The Stuart Weitzman School of Design’s Center for Public Art and Space & Monument Lab of Philadelphia, PA.

2020 Greek Nationality Room Scholarship Recipient ($4,000/5 weeks abroad) for research project titled “Strange(r) Relations: An Auto-Ethnographic Exploration of Black Natal Alienation”. (Delayed until summer of 2021)