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Headline: Charles Athanasopoulos publishes a book review in Argumentation and Advocacy Journal.

Description: Athanasopoulos argues that this edited collection offers important challenges to the normative framing of "narrative" as undermining "rational argumentation." While this text does not explicitly deal with the racialized and gendered dynamics of argumentation, the book can be read in tandem with growing literature at the intersection of race, narrative, and argumentation theory in intercollegiate debating. Building on the scholarship of Amber Kelsie, Shanara Reid-Brinkley, and Nick Sciullo concerning collegiate and high school policy debate, Athanasopoulos points toward the ways race-conscious narrative analysis can be powerful, beyond just championing the narrative form versus the oppressive “Rational World Paradigm.” Rather, a nuanced take on narrative highlights how cosmetically emancipatory narratives may counter-intuitively entrench anti-Black stereotypes. Thus, developing a firm grasp of this counter-intuition really requires a sophisticated understanding of the narrative’s complex argumentative dynamics. Read the full review here:


“Smashing the icon of Black Lives Matter: afropessimism & religious iconolatry”

In Prose Studies: History, Theory, Criticism


Headline: Charles Athanasopoulos was awarded the A.W. Mellon foundation-funded "Humanities Engage" grant for an 8-week summer immersive fellowship with Monument Lab.

Description: Athanasopoulos was recently awarded a Mellon foundation funded “Humanities Engage” grant to complete an 8 week remote summer internship with Monument Lab. ML is an independent public art and history studio based in Philadelphia dedicated to challenging racist/hetero-patriarchal monuments and producing alternate visions of cities and their public art. The particular projects they have assigned him are two-fold; first, he will be working with award-winning artist Marisa Williamson, who is known for producing public art projects related to anti-Black slavery and the struggle for freedom. Specifically, he will be working with her to expand her project titled “Sweet Chariot” (which debuted in 2017 in the city of Philadelphia; into new cities. In addition to working with Ms. Williamson, Athanasopoulos has been assigned to research public art works funded by Confederate Legacy groups as a means of uncovering how the architecture of a city can be read as a product and extension of racial hierarchy. To learn more about Monument Lab, click this link: