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St Mary's University College, Twickenham, London - Professional Graduate Certificate of Education (Religious Secondary Education)

Durham University, U.K. - BA (Hons.) Theology - First Class


Andréa Hanna read Theology at Durham University, U.K., where her research interests centered on early Christian rhetoric, and particularly imperial panegyrics in the era of Constantine. After graduating, she was offered a government bursary to train as a Religious Education teacher since there was a nation-wide shortage of subject specialists. Andréa trained at St. Mary’s University College in Twickenham and then taught Religious Education in East London for two years, before moving to Beijing to teach in China for three years.

At Pitt, Andréa is pursuing her Masters in Communication and Rhetoric, as part of a hybrid MA-PhD program. She is also pursuing the Cultural Studies Certificate and the Global Studies Certificate. As part of interning for the Global Studies Center, Andréa received tuition funding to take French classes.

Areas of Interest

Andréa remains primarily interested in the intersection of religion and rhetoric, with a particular interest in the evolution of Papal encyclical rhetoric as a genre. From this particular case study she is interested in exploring the following research questions:

Which genres, topics, appeals and proofs mark a discourse as “religious?”

What are the parameters for religious rhetoric? Should religious rhetoric occur in public or private spheres?

Can religious discourse, beliefs and/or practices advance the task of speaking rhetorically to the contemporary moment?

How might religion pose rhetorical studies with opportunities to expand, refine or reframe the scope and/or character of its present concerns?



“An Examination of Eusebius of Caesarea’s Tricennial Oration, In Praise of Constantine, as a reflection of the development of Christian panegyric in the fourth century A.D.” at Duquesne University’s 3rd Biennial Philosophy of Communication Conference: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition. June 5- 7 2017

“Spotlighting Racism in Social Media: Responses to Netflix’s Luke Cage” at Howard University’s 7th Social Media and Technology Conference and Workshop. October 5-6 2017.

“Laudato Si’ – Praise be to you, deserves praise from rhetorical scholars” at the Rhetoric Society of America’s Re-inventing Rhetoric Conference. May 31-June 3 2018.

Courses Taught

Public Speaking