Alvin Primack

1437J CL
Office hours: F 9-11 & 12-1, APT Only

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Communication Studies - MA, California State University, Long Beach (2016)


Alvin J. Primack is a PhD Student whose research focuses on law, media, youths, and family. They have published in some of the fields top journals on the topics of cyberbullying, sexting, legal interpretation, and representation. Their current research considers the rhetorical conditions of possibility for the statutory and judicial constitution of children as vulnerable and innocent beings with contradictory modes of agency.

Areas of Interest

Rhetorical Criticism; Media Studies; Childhood Studies, Rhetoric of Law and Inquiry, Psychoanalysis, Queer Theory

Alvin J. Primack, “Youth sexting and the First Amendment: Rhetoric and child pornography doctrine in the age of translation,” New Media & Society. (Published Online: 11/16/17).


Alvin J. Primack and Kevin A. Johnson, “Student Cyberbullying Inside the Digital Schoolhouse Gate: Toward a Standard for Determining Where a ‘School’ Is,” First Amendment Studies 51, no. 1 (2017): 30-48.


Brandon Fletcher and Alvin J. Primack, “Driving Toward Disabled Rhetorics: Narratives of Disability in Mad Max: Fury Road,” Critical Studies in Media Communication 34, no. 4 (2017): 344-57.

Courses Taught

Public Speaking


Interpersonal Communication

Rhetoric Process (To be renamed: Rhetoric in Society)

Media Process (To be renamed: Media in Society)



Top Student Paper, 2017, National Communication Association, Dallas, TX, 2017 (Freedom of Expression)

David Eschelman Award Winner, 1st Place Debut Category, 2017, Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas, NV, 2017 (Law and Policy)


Honors Convocation, 2017, 2018, University of Pittsburgh

Graduate Dean’s List, 2016, California State University, Long Beach 

President’s List, 2012-2014, California State University, Long Beach 

First Amendment Scholar Award, 2014, California State University, Long Beach 

Student Recognition Award, 2012, Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree 


K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship, 2016-17, University of Pittsburgh

Jack Williams Fellowship, 2015-16, Center for First Amendment Studies, California State University, Long Beach

Jerry Mandel Scholarship, 2013-14, California State University, Long Beach

CSU Future Scholars Scholarship, 2013, California State University, Long Beach 

Jon and John Scholarship, 2013 California State University, Long Beach 

Carl Bovero Award Scholarship, 2012, Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association 

Cultural Artifact Scholarship, 2011, Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association