Winners of the 22nd Annual Oratory Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 22nd Annual Oratory Competition

Graduation Commencement Speeches

Sarah Wannenburg (Senior) "Expectations and Purpose"
Ananya Kulkarni (Senior) "Class of 2019 - The Impetus for Change"
DaVonn Brown (Senior) "Commencement Through Communication"


Diversity and Inclusion Speeches

Parker Forman (Senior) "Get Out: The Elimination of the Closet"
Jonah Pfeifer (Junior) "Black Mirror"
Yuechen Liu (Sophomore) "What's Wrong with the World?" 


Persuasive Policy Speeches

Renee Cantor (Freshman) "One Student, Two Voices: The Power of Bilingual Education"
Amanda Harris (Junior) "Free the Tampons" 
Rob Monks (Junior) "Sign Me Up"


Commemorative Values Speeches

Shachuan Lou Manion (Senior) "Stand Up, Speak Out"
Jen Pardini (Senior) "Worth It" 
Lynnea Lombardi (Senior) "Dr. Frances Hesselbein: Leading with Purpose"



A special thanks to the judges:

Graduation Commencement: John Lyne (Professor, Department of Communication), Janet Skupien (Part-Time Instructor, Department of Communication)

Diversity and Inclusion: Weiming Gorman (Lecturer, Department of Communication), Meredith Guthrie (Advisor / Lecturer, Department of Communication)

Persuasive Policy: Lynn Clarke (Lecturer, Department of Communication), Julia Mouat (Undergraduate Student, Department of Communication)

Commemorative Values: Sam Allen and Birney Young (Graduate Students, Department of Communication)