Winners of the 21st Annual Oratory Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 21st Annual Oratory Competition

Graduation Commencement Speeches

Michelle Desjardins (Senior) "Keep Plotting"
Jack Merlino (Senior) "Bring It On"
Pablo Platero (Senior) "Bridge Builders"



Diversity and Inclusion Speeches

DaVonn Brown (Junior) "Diversity is More Than a Word"
Ken Wahrenberger (Senior) "Anonymity in Oakland"
Meghan Kiederer (Sophomore) "The Other Side of Disability" 



Persuasive Policy Speeches

Allie Dey (Senior) "Ending For-Profit Prisons"
Arthur W. Mueller (Junior) "What WE Can Do to Make Airlines Suck Less"
Frannie McDermott (Senior) "Commonwealth v. Johannes Mehserle" 




Commemorative Values Speeches

Isaac Minkoff (Senior) "L'Chaim: Living Life Well"
Connor Riano (Junior) "Golden Memories" 
Meghan Kunnel (Sophomore) "From Rubber Trees to the Land of the Free"




A special thanks to the judges:

Graduation Commencement: John Lyne (Professor, Department of Communication), Jack Gareis (Director of Undergrad Advising, Department of Communication)

Diversity and Inclusion: Weiming Gorman (Part-time Instructor, Department of Communication), Jennifer Reinwald (Graduate Student, Department of Communication)

Persuasive Policy: Curry Chandler (Graduate student, Department of Communication), Nick Maradin (Visiting Lecturer, Department of Communication)

Commemorative Values: Sam Allen, Kaitlyn Haynal, and Elise Homan (Graduate students, Department of Communication)