The winner of the 2018-19 Jennifer and Eric Spiegel Book Award competition

B. Nicky Aweidah has been granted this award for her essay:  

"This is Our Lane: An Analysis of a Physicians’ Influence on Gun Legislation" 

In the wake of recent tragedies in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Thousand Oaks, Calif., the National Rifle Association and physicians around the country are taking to Twitter to express their frustrations. The NRA published an article written in November 2018 criticizing potential gun reforms suggested by physicians active in the American Medical Association. Throughout this article, representatives from the NRA claim that physicians should have no part in advocating for gun reform, since they are not specifically educated in these matters. Publication and sharing of this article on social media platforms, such as Twitter, has caused backlash among many physicians, thus creating the hashtag “ThisIsMyLane,” to be used in accompaniment with real stories from physicians who have witnessed the repercussions of gun violence first-hand. In her paper, Nicky analyzes ramifications of this outbreak through the use of rhetorical tools, such as fact/source checking, the Toulmin model, and the Shannon/Weaver model of communication to understand what a physician’s ‘lane” should be in fields such as gun reform advocacy.