Lester Olson's New Essay is Released in an International Exhibit Catalog

Lester C. Olson’s new essay, “Public Interactions with Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms, Then and Now,” has just been released in an international exhibit catalog, Enduring Ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt, and the Four Freedoms, edited by Stephanie Haboush Plunkett and James Kimble (New York: Abbeville Press, 2018). A commissioned essay, Olson remarked that it was “fun” to revisit the subject of his very first publication in 1983 in the Quarterly Journal of Speech and to handle these widely popular materials in a very different way. In addition, for the past few years, Olson served on the Advisory Board for planning this exhibit at development meetings held by the Norman Rockwell Museum at the New York offices of U.N. Ambassador Vanden Heuvel. For more information about the exhibit, which is currently at the New-York Historical Society, see https://rockwellfourfreedoms.org/