Featured Summer 2177 Courses

The Kenneth P. Dietrich School of
Arts & Sciences Course Descriptions

COMMRC 0500/19230 & 16887 Argument
Dr. Gordon Mitchell, Dr. John Lyne 
Monday/Wednesday 12:00-3:15 & Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-9:15 (6-wk-1)

This course introduces students to fundamental principles of argument, and develops argumentative skills through practice analysis and criticism.

COMMRC 1111/20385 Theories of Persuasion 
Dr. Jack Gareis
Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-9:15 (6-wk-1)

This course surveys theories of persuasion that have been articulated during the 20th century. It seeks to compare and contrast research about how the spoken word and the visual image influence public belief and action.

COMMRC 1732/19026 Special Topics in Mass Communication: Filtered Faith (W)
Dr. Jack Gareis
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 11:00-1:15 (6-wk-1)

This class will examine the less formal, but no less religious, aspects of faith that come to us via popular culture. We will discuss how television and films portray a variety of traditional and non-traditional religious issues like the nature of good and evil, judgement, and redemption.