Emily Crosby wins 2017 GSWS Dissertation Award

The Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies Program has announced Emily Deering Crosby the winner of the 2017 GSWS Dissertation Prize Competition for her dissertation “Feminine Twang: Rhetorical Strategies of Country Music’s Legendary Second Wave Women,” advised under Dr. Lester Olson. 

The review committee noted: “Feminine Twang foregrounds gender, sexuality and feminism in ways that are quite provocative and productive. We find that the merits of the dissertation include not only a rigorously articulated argument about the ways in which gender and rhetoric frame, influence, and subvert valuations of contributions of the female artists in the country music domain, but also a promising methodology that could transcend the dissertation, and could offer a more significant contribution to fields of GSWS, popular culture, performance studies, US studies, and cultural studies.”

Emily Crosby graduated with her PhD in Communication and Rhetoric in April 2017.