Congratulations to Donica O'Malley, winner of the Donald B. Egolf Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Donica O’Malley won this year’s Donald B. Egolf Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, which was presented to her at the Graduate and Debate Award Ceremony on April 7, 2017. The Committee was very impressed with her submission materials. They were particularly struck by the group presentation assignment, rubric, and the fact that she directed an undergraduate research project—an activity that goes well above and beyond the standard expectations for teaching assistants/fellows.  They also noted that one student’s letter of support described the group assignment as “a daunting task” while simultaneously declaring that hers was “the most beneficial and effective teaching method [they] have experienced in [their] college career.”  This comment testifies to her ability to effectively balance student and instructor responsibility in the collaborative work of teaching and learning.

About Dr. Egolf and the award:

Dr. Egolf, was a Pitt Associate Professor of Communication and former chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Communication Department. He received his PhD from The University of Pittsburgh Department of Communication and was the author of several books, the latest of which was published in the summer of 2012 and titled: "Human Communication and the Brain." He valued the Department of Communication and in his memory the department announces the Donald B. Egolf Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for teaching assistants/fellowships to be nominated for a chance to win the teaching award.

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