Communication Major awarded UHC scholarship

Alexandra Corral Edmonds is among the inaugural recipients of $2,000 University Honors College (UHC) Scholarships for Academic Year 2013-2014. Alexandra submitted strong application materials and met the following eligibility criteria:

*Junior, senior or fifth-year students who have completed at least two full semesters at Pitt’s Oakland campus.
*Achievement of at least an overall 3.5 GPA at Pitt.
*No previous record of receiving merit scholarship support from Pitt’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.
*Strong UHC participation and involvement.

In establishing this new scholarship program, we aim to support high achieving students whose excellent work was not predicted by high school performance, to transfer students, and to students who applied too late to be considered for a scholarship upon matriculation. 45 students were awarded UHC Scholarships in this first year of the  program following a review of applications by the UHC Faculty Advisory Board, and we hope that number will increase steadily in the coming years as student interest in the UHC grows and the scholarship program attracts additional financial support. More details on the UHC Scholarship program are available on the UHC website.