Graduate Alumni


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PhD Placements

Kaitlyn Haynal

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Maine’s Department of Communication and Journalism

Tomonori Teraoka       2020
Hillary Ash

Visiting Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh

Defining a Crisis: The Rhetorical Exclusion of Women in the United States Aids Epidemic, 1982-1993

Lester Olson 2020
Piper Corp

Part time faculty, Baruch College

Seeing Together, Seeing for Ourselves: John Locke’s Search for Common Ground in Natural Historical Inquiry

Lester Olson 2020
Chloe Hansen

Adjunct Instructor, Alfred State College of Technology

Dying is not easy, but it needn't be this hard: Contemporary narratives of good and bad deaths

Olga Kuchinskaya 2020
Nicholas Stefanski

Assistant Professor, Alfred State College of Technology

Why not pitch the whole enterprise at the highest level possible?: Speculative Radicalism and the Planetary Topics

Brent Malin 2020
Birney Young

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications, University of Pittsburgh Bradford

A Compelling Case for Beauty: The Sophistic Alignment of Rhetoric with Aesthetic Power

David Marshall 2020
Curry Chandler   Dumb Cities: Spatial Media, Urban Communication, and the Right to the Smart City Brent Malin 2020
Amber Kelsie   ‘I Know Who You Are’: Antiblackness in the Speculative Rhetorics of Genetic Genealogy Brent Malin 2020
Timothy Barr Postdoctoral Teaching Associate, Northeastern University Without Apparent Occasion: Melancholy and the Problem of Motive in Baroque England. David Marshall 2019
Tyler Brunette Lecturer in Communication at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh A (Subaltern) Space of Their Own: Public Space, Middle-Class Childhood, and Mass Media in Late Capitalism. Ronald Zboray 2019
Larissa Brian Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State University Undoing the Scene of Sex: Affirmative Consent and the Limits of Recognition in Law's Imaginary Lester Olson 2019
Emily Herrington Part time Instructor, University of Pittsburgh Conceptions of "Success": The Ethics and Rhetoric of Hand Transplantation. Olga Kuchinskaya 2019
Olga Blackledge Visiting Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh Animated States: The Politics, Aesthetics, and Technology of Soviet and German Cel Animation, 1930-1940 Ronald Zboray 2018
Ellen Defossez Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse at Whitman College Ambiguity, Temporality, and Agency in Online Health Communities for Dysthymia Brent Malin 2018
Donica O'Malley Postdoctoral Teaching Associate, Northeastern University From Redhead to Ginger: Othering Whiteness in New Media Ronald Zboray 2018
Sydney Pasquinelli Director of Debate, Stanford National Forensic Institute The lesser-evils paradigm for imagining Islam: U.S. executive branch (re)framing of Islam in the early Cold War era of racialized empire-building. Gordon Mitchell 2018
Dominique Johnson Head of Communicy & Communication at Regtag, LLC. Beyond Bare Life: Onto-epistemic Archives, Precarity, and the Praxis of Being Human Ronald Zboray 2017
Katie Kavanaugh O'neill Part time Instructor, University of Pittsburgh Mobtown Memories: Towards a People's History of Violence in Baltimore Ronald Zboray 2017
Emily Crosby Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington Feminine Twang: Rhetorical Strategies of Country Music's Legendary Second Wave Women Lester Olson 2017
Nicholas Maradin Instructor of Communication Arts, Washington & Jefferson College Human by Design: Bodily Prosthetics and the Rhetoric of Science Fiction Cool Brenton Malin 2017
Taylor Hahn Assistant Director, Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs Teaching What Matters: A Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments on Liberal Arts Education at the University of Texas-Austin Gordon Mitchell 2016
Ashley Hall Assistant Professor, Illinois State University Theorizing Rival Rhetorics of Black Maternities: Imaginging (Re)Productive LIfe in Social Death

Shanara Reid-Brinkley
and Brenton Malin

Marie- Odile Hobeika Post doctoral fellowship, Northeastern University Recovered Beginnings: Rhetoric's Disaffiliation from Homer John Poulakos 2016
Martin Marinos Assistant Professor in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State University From Socialist Humanism to Neoliberal Populism: Two Regimes of Media in Late and Post-Socialist Europe Brenton Malin 2016
Alexandra Klaren

Associate Professor of Practice, Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University

Invisible to the Eye: Rhetorics of Ethical Emotionality in Fred Rogers' Neighborhood Ronald Zboray 2016
Brita Anderson Stoneman

Lecture, Hillsdale College

The Charm of Rhetoric: George Santayana and The Aesthetics of Rhetoric John Poulakos 2016
Susan Wieczorek Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

An Exploratory Study of Physician/Patient Electronic Messaging within Secured Health Portals

Brenton Malin 2016
David Landes

Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington

The Attention Situation: A Rhetorical Theory of Attention for Mediated Communication Brenton Malin 2015
Brent Saindon

Assistant Professor, Mercy College

Reconfiguring Absence: Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Rhetorical Negotiation of Cultural Display Lester Olson 2015
Joseph Sery

Assistant Professor, Christopher Newport University

Models of Judgment: Rhetoric and the Public Philosophies of Law John Lyne 2015
Sarah Bishop

Associate Professor, Baruch College, University of New York

“It's Just What We Saw In The Movie”: Refugees Encounter U.S. Media Ronald Zboray 2014
George Gittinger

Assistant Professor, Northwest Vista College

The Drama of Bioterror: Paranoia and the Rhetoric of Defense John Lyne 2014
Allison Hahn

Assistant Professor, Baruch College, University of New York

Argumentation and Identity in Maasai and Mongolian Land Disputes Gordon Mitchell 2014
John Jasso

Chair of the Communications Department, Ave Maria University

Psychagogia: A Study In The Platonic Tradition Of Rhetoric From Antiquity Through The Middle Ages John Poulakos 2014
Takuzo Konishi

Associate Professor, Showa Women's University

Dissociation in Reasoning and Argumentation Gordon Mitchell 2014
Gabriela Nunez

Ordinary (Associate) Professor, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

Reading Jose Maria Arguedas' letters. Building Communication Bridges In Mid-twentieth Century Peruvian Society Ronald Zboray 2014
Ethan Stoneman

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Public Address, Hillsdale College

Securing the State: Political Legitimacy and the Rhetoric of Negative Aesthetics John Poulakos 2014
Candi Carter-Olson

Associate Professor, Utah State University

“Try to Lift Someone Else As We Climb”: 120 Years of the Women’s Press Club of Pittsburgh and the Women’s Movement Ronald Zboray 2013
Eric English

Part-time lecturer, School of Communication, Rutgers University

“Constituting Conservatism: The Goldwater/Paul Analog” John Lyne 2013
Liangyu Fu

Chinese Librarian and faculty associate at the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan

Found in Translation: Western Science Books, Maps, and Music In China 1860s-1920s Ronald Zboray 2013
Jessica Ghilani

Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh Greensburg

Selling Soldiering to Consumers: Advertising, Media, and the Volunteer Army Ronald Zboray 2013
Catherine Morrison

Lecturer, University of Rhode Island

Being, Rhetorical: Aristotle, Heidegger and the Temporal Ontology of Rhetoric John Poulakos 2013
Michael Vicaro

Associate Professor, Penn State Greater Allegheny

The Subject of Torture: Rhetorical Investigations of Detention and Interrogation Policy in the Global War on Terrorism John Poulakos 2013
Matthew Brigham

Assistant, James Madison University

Overpopulation or Over Population? A Burkean Analysis of Transformations and Continuities in the Rhetoric of “Human Population Growth” at the United Nations (1974-2004) Gordon Mitchell 2012
Christopher House

Associate Professor, Ithaca College

Rhetoric of the Black Church: Sex, Religion, and HIV/AIDS Across the African Diaspora Ronald Zboray 2012
Joseph Packer

Professor, Central Michigan University

“Because We Are Alone...”Arguments for Humans as the Universe’s Only Intelligent Life Form From Ancient Philosophers to Today’s Scientists Ronald Zboray 2012
John Rief

Visiting Assistant Professor, Duquesne University

Searching for the Good Life: Rhetoric, Medicine, and the Shaping of Lifestyle Gordon Mitchell 2012
Thomas Dunn

Associate Professor, Colorado State University

Queerly Remembered: Tactical and Strategic Rhetorics for Representing the GLBTQ past Lester Olson 2011
Heather Fisher


"Mythologizing Charles Van Doren: the 1950s, the Media, and the Making of Cultural Memory Carole Stabile/Jane Feuer 2011
Carlton Gholz

Director, Detroit Sound Conservancy

"Where The Mix Is Perfect": Voices From The Post-Motown Soundscape Ronald Zboray 2011
David Helwich

Director of Debate, University of Minnesota

“Nuclear Weapons After the Cold War: Change and Continuity in Public Discourses" Gordon Mitchell


David Seitz

Assistant Professor, Penn State Mont Alto

Grave Negotiations: The Rhetorical Foundations of American World War I Cemeteries in Europe Ronald Zboray 2011
Autumn Boyer

Lecturer in Communications, University of Colorado - Denver

“Lifting ‘the Long Shadow’:Kategoria and Apologia in the Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Gordon Mitchell 2010
Michelle Gibbons

Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

Made Up Minds: Rhetorical Invention and the Thinking Self in Public Culture John Lyne 2010
Michelle Kennerly

Associate Professor, Penn State University

“Editorial Bodies in Ancient Roman Rhetorical Culture” John Lyne 2010
Carly Woods

Assistant Professor, University of Maryland in College Park

Women Debating Society: Negotiating Difference in Historical Argument Cultures Gordon Mitchell 2010
Qian Zhang

Assistant Professor, US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

From Hollywood to Shanghai: American Silent Films in China Ronald Zboray 2010
Christine Feldman

Cultural Sociology/Associate Professor, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia

"'We are the Mods': A Transnational History of a Youth Subculture" Ronald Zboray 2009
Steve Llano

Associate Professor and Director of Debate, St. John University

Beating Rhetoric:Rhetorical Theory in the Beat Generation Ronald Zboray 2009
Damien Pfister

Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Toward a Grammar of the Blogosphere: Rhetoric and Attention in the Networked Imaginary Gordon Mitchell 2009
Hugh Curnutt

Assistant Professor, Montclair State University

Remodeling TV Talent: Participation and Performance in MTV's Real World Franchise Henry Krips 2008
Erica Molloseau

Director of the Columbus and Cincinnati region for Venture for America

Exhibiting Racism: The Cultural Politics of Lynching Photography Re-Presentations Ronald Zboray 2008
Ian Reyes

Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island

Sound, Technology, and Interpretation in Subcultures of Heavy Music Production Henry Krips 2008
Alessandra Beasley

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Wake Forest University

Caught Between History and Imagination: The Arguments for Post-National European Union Citizenship Gordon Mitchell 2007
Thomas Baggerman

Associate Professor, Point Park University

Structurally Unsound:The Changing State of Local Television Carole Stabile 2006
Michael Bannon

Lecturer and Director of Oral Communication Lab, University of Pittsburgh

The Battle of Deer Creek Crossing: A case Study of Rhetorical Eigence and Environmental Controversy Thomas Kane 2006
Aimee Dorsten

Assistant Professor, Point Park University

Don't Keep It Private! The Political Economy of Digital Media Innovation in Developing Countries Carole Stabile 2006
Mark Harrison

Lecturer, Indiana University Bloomington

The Extraterrestrial in US Culture Carole Stabile 2006
Junya Morooka

Academic Research Staff, Rikkyo University

The Rhetoric of Foreign Worker Problem in Contemporary Japan Peter Simonson 2006
Mark Porrovecchio

Associate Professor, Oregon State University

F.C.S Schiller and the Style of Pragmatic Humanism Peter Simonson 2006
Marcus Paroske

Associate Professor, University of Michigan- Flint

The Rhetoric of AIDS Policy in South Africa John Lyne 2006
Amos Tevelow

Assistant Professor, Ithaca College

From Corporate Liberalism To Neoliberalism A History Of Think Tanks In America John Lyne 2006