Colloquium on Masculinity and Affect- Departmental special guest include, Brent Malin, Paul Johnson, and Caitlin Bruce

April 6, 2017 - 11:00am to April 7, 2017 - 5:30pm

Please find the schedule for the Colloquium below or at the Colloquium website.

Colloquium on Masculinity and Affect

Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program

University of Pittsburgh

All sessions are held in the Humanities Center unless noted.

 602 Cathedral of Learning, 4200 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15260


Thursday, 6 April 2017

·      11:00-12:00—Lunch and mingling for participants

·      12:00-2:00—Welcome: Brent Malin and Todd Reeser

  Inventing Affective Masculinity: A Discussion

·      Short responses to readings by Todd Reeser and Lucas Gottzén

·      Collective discussion of the following work and what it would mean to use it to talk about affective masculinity:

Ahmed, Sara. 2014. “Introduction” and “Queer Feelings,” in The Cultural Politics of    Emotion,” 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1-19; 144-167.

Massumi, Brian. 1995. “The Autonomy of Affect,” Cultural Critique 31 (2): 83-109.

Thrift, Nigel. 2004. “Intensities of Feeling: Towards a Spatial Politics of Affect,” Geografiska Annaler 86 B (1): 57-78.

·      2:15-3:15—Affective Politics

§  Chair: Brent Malin

o   Sam de Boise, “The Personal is Political… just not always Progressive: Affective Interruptions and their Promise for Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities”

o   Paul Johnson, “Liberalism’s Illiberalisms: Donald Trump, Masculinity, and the Subject’s Affective Flight from the Political”

·      3:15-3:30—Coffee break

·      3:30-5:00—War, Terror, Trauma, Danger

§  Chair: Lucas Gottzén

o   Natalie Kouri-Towe, “Nationalism and the Affective Life of Terror in the Case of Omar Khadr”                                                                        

o   William Scott, “Erotic Combat and Masculine Trauma”

o   Chris Haywood, “When Sexuality Is Not Enough’: Exploring Men’s Accounts of Danger, Fear and Erotic Intensity

·      5:15—Reception

         o   Wine and hors d'oeuvres for faculty and graduate students

Friday, 7 April 2017

·      11:00-12:00—Lunch for participants in 402 Cathedral of Learning

·      12:00-12:40—Cruel Optimism

§  Chair: Caitlin Bruce

o   Jonathan Allan, “Masculinity as Cruel Optimism”

Suggested reading for this session: 

Berlant, Lauren. 2011. “Introduction” and “Cruel Optimism,” in Cruel Optimism. Durham: Duke University Press, 1-50.

·      12:45-1:45—Affects of the Medicalized Trans/Male

§  Chair: Todd Reeser

o   Julie Beaulieu, “Love, Will, and Masculinity: Mastering Emotion in Medical-Therapeutic Discourse on Love”

o   Julian Gill-Peterson, “Transgender Boyhood and the Affectivity of Gender in the 1970s”

·      1:50-2:20—Individual Paper

§  Chair: Brent Malin

o  Aaron Johnson, “Trumpet Men: Alternate Performances of Masculinity in Jazz

·      2:20-2:50—Individual Paper

§  Chair: Brent Malin

o  Gabby Yearwood, “Reading the Black Athlete Body in Protest: Racism, Masculinity and Affect in Sport”

·      2:50-3:20—Coffee Break

·      3:20-3:50—Individual Paper

§  Chair: Paul Johnson

o  Scott Kiesling, “Masculine Stances and the Linguistics of Affect: On Masculine Ease."

·      3:50-4:20—Individual Paper

§  Chair: Paul Johnson

o  Brent Malin, “Over the Top Masculinity: Post-Network Television and the   Circulation of Hypermasculine Affect”

·      4:30-5:30: Remarks by Gregory Seigworth followed by collective discussion

Location and Address

Humanities Center 602 Cathedral of Learning

4200 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15260

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