CANCELLED! Agora Speaker Series: “Responding to the Right on Campus as a Social Movement: Putting Struggles over ‘Free Speech’ and ‘Academic Freedom’ in Historical and Material Context”

April 6, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Sorry for the inconvenience. This event has been cancelled. Please look at our schedule for out next agora speaker series on April 20th. 


The talk surveys targeted attacks of faculty by the White Supremacist Right, then puts this phenomenon into the context of rising attempts on the part of the far Right to make incursions onto US campuses, with a chilling effect on academic freedom and political speech. I argue that these efforts are concomitant with neoliberal pressures of privatization and austerity on US universities, which has over time weakened the capacity of faculty and students to win improvements in their conditions and rights on campus. On the basis of this history, I argue that faculty and students should organize not only against the organized Right but also against neoliberal pressure. The best way to challenge both incursions is to organize, optimally in unions.

Dr. Dana Cloud, Professor, Syracuse University 

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232 CL

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