Agora Speaker Series: Department of Communication, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Summer Research Fellows

March 1, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

“The MIT Braillemboss, 1972-1984”

Developing a historical narrative concerning the life of the MIT Braillemboss. The Braillemboss was an unusual instance of a piece of computational technology that was developed to rectify some social issue. Specifically, the machine was intended to make those living with blindness employable and later on, able to have access to similar pedagogical materials as sighted peers. The machine stands to complicate existing narratives concerning the role of haptics in computational technology.


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208B Cathedral of Learning (CL)

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Schedule of Events

“Arguments in Brick: Agonism in Amsterdam School Architectural Design”

The Amsterdam School is celebrated as an architectural movement because of its success in expanding the societal role of working class housing beyond simply accommodating residents’ basic needs for hygiene and shelter. Examining argumentation that led to such social housing designs demonstrates how these projects grew out of controversy with competing architectural groups and how the design itself can be seen as argumentative.


Sarah Constant
“Paradox and Truth in the Constitutional Origin: The Rhetoric of Mythical Constitutionalism in Japan from the Mid-19th to the Mid-20th Century”

How myth, or a rhetorical narrative on communal faith and ethos, operates at the core of constitutional legitimacy in late modern Japanese political thought. 


Tomonori Teraoka