Winners of the 19th Annual Oratory Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 19th Annual Oratory Competition

Graduation Commencement Speech

Hanna Martin (Senior) "The Debt We Owe"
Krupa Patel (Senior) "Reaching the Podium: Action Potential to the Shelf"
Aidan Welsh (Senior) "The Water We Swim In"


Persuasive Policy Speech

Sylvie Krause (Senior) "These Are Not Schools"
Megan Forziati (Sophomore) "Winter Break Reform"
Nikhyl Sud (Sophomore) "Fight for a Living Wage"


Commemorative Values Speech

Ariel Pastore-Sebring (Junior) "My Best Friend"
Eli Newschaffer (Senior) "A Thank You to Roc"
Jessica Lee (Junior) "Of Mouse and Magic"


Thank you judges...

Curry Chandler, Dr. Jack Gareis, Odile Hobeika, Dr. John Lyne, Nick Maradin, Dr. Linda Miller, Dr. John Poulakos, Wil Upchurch, Dr. Deborah Wanamaker