The winner of the 2012-13 Jennifer and Eric Spiegel Book Award competition

Congratulations to Taylor Canavan who won this award for her essay,"Technology and Humans: A Dangerous Pairing" Her essay states: "So much of everyday life is spent with screens: behind screens, around screens, with screens.  In Technology and Humans: A Dangerous Pairing, I ponder the harm of our dependence on technology and wonder whether face-to-face communication and interaction is becoming scarcer because of this frightening dependency.  How are we changed by this dependency and why are many of us not frightened by it? How far will this dependency go? Only time will tell. Technology is ubiquitous.  This is undeniable. Dependence upon technology to interact, however, need not be ubiquitous.

Taylor is a double major in Communication and English Writing with a Children's Literature Ceritificate