William R. Upchurch Publishes in Basic Communication Course Annual

William R. Upchurch’s essay, “Public Address as the Basic Communication Course,” is scheduled to appear in Volume 26 (2014) of the Basic Communication Course Annual, published by the American Press.  In this essay he argues that reorienting the basic course toward a public address perspective should be an important part of our conversation over its content and character. This perspective brings a focus on ethics and civic participation to the basic course while steering away from a one-to-many persuasive framework that embeds students in structures of power that may lead to frustration and alienation rather than empowerment.  It recognizes recent thinking about the nature of publics, the state of democratic deliberation, and the communication practices engendered by new technologies in order to showcase the accumulated knowledge and judgment of the field. Teaching what he calls the “skills of citizenship” honors the unique history and legacy of the discipline while embracing new forms of research, new media technologies, and the shifting communication landscape of the 21st century.

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