Paterson and Griesbach Presence at SLSA

Dr. Mark Paterson, Visiting Faculty, and a graduate student, Derek Griesbach, both in Communication, attended and presented papers at the conference which has an interest in problems of science and representation, and in the cultural and social dimensions of science, technology, and medicine. This includes crossovers between literature, the visual arts, and digital media, and fosters diverse theoretical approaches. 

The 27th SLSA annual conference at Notre Dame, IN was held October 3-6, 2013. The conference theme this year was 'Postnatural', asking what comes 'after' the 'natural', and what governs the boundary between 'human' and 'nonhuman'. This particular meeting was the first SLSA appearance for both Mark and Derek. 

Dr. Paterson organized a stream of three panels and a roundtable under the title 'Reconfiguring Sensation: Sensory Prostheses and the Postnatural Sensorium', and gave a paper 'What the frog’s body tells the frog’s brain: On early cartographies of the proprioceptive system'. In the panels and roundtable discussion there were critical theorists, English literature, communication scholars, along with presentations and discussions by artists and demonstrations by digital media practitioners. Dr. Paterson and some attendees are in negotiations to produce an edited volume with Bloomsbury in David Howes' book series on the senses from these nine papers.

Derek Griesbach gave a paper in the panel 'Ecologies, Rhetorics, Codes'. His paper was entitled 'Holding Nature Still: Rhetorical Meaning-Making at the Center for PostNatural History', based on his volunteer work and research at the Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh.