Colloquium: "Transitioning into Noise: 1930s Audio Technologies and Sound Cinema in India" with a response by Brent Malin

Humanities Center Pitt Faculty Fellow:
Neepa Majumdar

Thursday, March 17, 2016
12:30 p.m.
602 Cathedral of Learning

This colloquium will discuss ads for sound recording and projection equipment, sound technicians’ columns, as well as reports by and about salesmen-technicians, such as the Americans Wilford Deming Jr. and C. Willman for insight into debates and discourses on audio technologies and sonic cultures circulating in 1930s India. Alongside these extra-textual materials, audio cultures as represented in feature films from 1930s Indian films will also be discussed.

With responses by: Brent Malin (Communication) and Shalini Ayyagari (Music)