18th Annual Oratory Competition

Graduation Commencement Speech

Bempoma Pieterson (Senior) "8 Semesters, 4 Years, and a Lifetime"
Claar Ennis (Senior) "202 Gray Days"
Matthew Piette (Senior) "Looking Back"

Persuasive Policy Speech

Insiyah Campwala (Freshman) "Oops, We Did It Again"
Aidan Welsh (Junior) "Judgement Corrupted"
Katie Kruisselbrink (Sophmore) "CIA Report: Torture or Protection"
Sinead Carmichael (Junior) "If You Hold the Door for Me, Don't Hold it Against Me"

Commemorative Values Speech

Patrick Araya (Sophmore) "The Brutality and Satisfaction of Long-Distance Running
Binh (Cindy) Lam (Sophmore) "Commemorating the Time in Pittsburgh With My Best Friend"
Rachel Sansonetti (Junior) "Expressive Art Therapy"

Congratulations Winners!!

Thank you judges...
Tim Barr, Curry Chandler, Emily Crosby, Dr. Jack Gareis, Dr. Weiming Gorman, Dr. John Lyne, Nick Maradin, Dr. Jerry Shuster, Wil Upchurch