16th Annual Undergraduate Oratory Competition Winners


Graduation Commencement Speech

Ilana Israel-Rosen (Senior) "A Breath and the Unknown"
Kate McGarry (Senior) "What Are You Going to Do With That?"
Alex O'Neill (Senior) "Communication: A Means of Passage"

Commemorative Values Speech

Zach Patton (Junior) "The University of Pittsburgh: An Everlasting Frontier"
Eleanora Kaloyeropoulou (Freshman) "A Sirenesque Temptress of the Lowest Caliber"
Rachel Ragheb (Freshman) "Buying a Pair of Shoes"

Persuasive Policy Speech

Aidan Welsh (Freshman) "Tipping the Scales Back in the Right Direction"
Kilian Liptrot (Freshman) "A Speech of Life and Death"
Catie Cohn (Junior) "Let's Rave"
Matt Johnson (Sophomore) "Female Grunts: Gender Equality in the Infantry"

Congratulations Winners!!

Photo Gallery

Thank You Judges!

Brita Anderson, Emily Deering Crosby, George Gittinger, Dr. Weiming Gorman, Dr. Meredith Guthrie, Odile Hobeika, Nick Maradin, Dr. Janet Skupien, Wil Upchurch