Professor Caitlin Bruce awarded 2015 Hewlett International Grant

“From Periphery to Center: Transitioning Public Art Practices in Contemporary Mexico”

Although there is a history of marginalization of both women artists and graffiti artists with respect to state funding, in recent years, the seeming divide between the state and local graffiti and feminist art practices has become more complex. Since 1996 the feminist group Mujeres en el Arte has put on expositions in the central site of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Moreover, since 2010 there have been moves by the municipality of León Guanajuato to sponsor graffiti murals. Even so, these changes are not certain. The Hewlett Level II International Grant will support travel for fieldwork, and data processing to conduct preliminary research for a second book project, and to complete a chapter on a feminist art group from my first book project. The new book explores how a city sponsored graffiti program in León Guanajuato Mexico impacts graffiti artists' civic status.