ECA accepts paper by Hanna Martin & Amanda House

The ECA (Eastern Communication Association) has accepted the paper "Memory in Cereal," written by two Communication majors, Hanna Martin and Amanda House.  Their paper will be featured on the paper panel entitled "Spiritual and Secular Tensions: Religious Idioms, Rhetoric, and Popular Culture” at ECA (Eastern Communication Association) convention this April 2015. Below is a short abstract of their paper.

"In this society, almost any artifact can evoke nostalgia. Even a bright orange box of shredded wheat can remind the public of a time when athletes were revered as heroes reinstating American moralistic values. This paper attempts to define the Wheaties cereal brand as a savior of the athletic community via its rhetorical purpose. Wheaties serves as a commemorative artifact, standing as a jeremiad of consumer culture which distracts from the negativity which celebrity athletes bring to the media. Our research contributes to growing literature on memory studies and consumer culture, ultimately pointing toward the importance of everyday objects/artifacts in public memory."​